Our Product 

Devices is be designed with work safety and hygiene in mind. The device is built to withstand harsh conditions so it can be installed outside.

The device is easy to operate, process is automated

No need for special containers and can be transported with any vehicle

Just power connection required, no constructional alterations needed

Processed product is compact, odourless, easy to handle and 100% reusable for industry. Material doesn't grow mold or attract pests.

The compactor is able to handle almost all types of thermoplastics , including but not limited to:

  • Plastic bags and wraps LDPE
  • Plastic bottles, food packaging PET
  • Fish Boxes, appliance packaging EPS
  • Stretch wrap LLPDE
  • Pipes, bottle caps HDPE
  • Food and medical containers PP
  • Pallets, storage boxes PPC