Traditional compaction methods with plastics such as compactors and balers are inefective because of their bad weight to volume ratio. This leads to an unnecessarily large need for transporting the waste. 


EPSI processes plastic wastes to more than 1000 kg/m³. Conventional methods can only do to 50-60 kg/m³ with the same materials. EPSI can help your company save up to 80% in transportation costs. EPSI service concept includes maintenance support, processed waste disposal to recycling, where it will be used as raw material for production. Octa Finance Ltd will support EPSI Oy with customer Únance arrangement and Únancial consulting issues in close cooperation with Ikano Bank. Ikano Bank is a subsidiary of IKEA.

EPSI Value Chain / Circular Economy

Value chain provides you with: As our customer you can save up to tens of thousands a year. The need for transportation will be reduce more than 80% with our processing. We will provide the freightage of the compressed waste to processing factories where it will be converted to use a resource for new products. For every kilogram of plastic you process, we will buy it from you. Depending the amount of plastic produced, the machine can pay itself oÙ within few years. You can customise your deal to Út your needs. And machinery can be Útted with shafts, conveyors or other needed service reliabilit